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24 Oct 2014 11:02am | Tracey Chattaway Music

New Music Coming Soon

New Single Out Next Week Hi Everybody, I wanted to let you know about some new music I’ve been working on, which is due to be released fairly soon. The first is a new single “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. It’s a little more orchestral than some of my previous music and is loosely based on […]

22 Jul 2014 5:10pm | Tracey Chattaway Music

Sheet Music Now Available for the Third Place Album

  Over the last year I’ve received messages from piano players, requesting Sheet Music to my tracks. It has been really encouraging to hear that some of you like the music so much you want to play it yourself (ultimate compliment for me!). So, I’m excited to announce that Sheet Music is now available for […]

14 Jan 2014 4:11pm | Tracey Chattaway Music

There’s a couple new things that ended up on the Third Place EP, which I never anticipated or planned on.

The first surprise is the use of ambient-nature sounds. Before my recording journey began a few years ago, I hadn’t really found any instrumental music that I liked listening to. In fact, most of what I found made me cringe, as it mainly consisted of nature sounds (birds and rainforest effects) with oriental synth-type melodies […]

13 Nov 2013 1:56pm | Tracey Chattaway Music

Behind the Scenes of Defining Moments

When I began the Defining Moments recording journey, I knew it would be a challenge, but I didn’t realize it would stretch me beyond my limit at times. Hundreds of hours learning new software, countless questions to others in the industry, researching and buying the right gear and, amongst all that, doing what I love – creating […]

11 Nov 2013 12:16pm | Tracey Chattaway Music

Why I Offer Some of My Music for Free

Ever bought a full album, listened through a few times and realised it’s not really your thing? I have! The enjoyability factor of listening to an album mostly comes down to personal taste. Sure, there are other factors like the quality of the recording and the level of talent the artist has, but often even those […]

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